You'll love this tour that has been especially designed to show you the famous sights and other interesting locations that has made Nashville one of the top tourists' spots. It is mainly a drive-by tour with very little walking.


Enjoy the rare experience of listening to someone directly involved in the stories you will hear. Choose your pick-up and drop-off locations.


There is a maximum limit of 4 individuals for this minimum 3 hour tour.

  • 25 years with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department provided the opportunity to work with major stars of the music, television and movie industry, even after his retirement.

  • In charge of the Artist’s Entrance of the Grand Ole Opry for 8 years.


  • Handled security for The Nashville Network for their off-ground TV shows.


  • Hired by Elvis for his security group while recording at Studio B.


  • Sat in the same seat of the Presidential Limousine in which President Kennedy was shot six months prior to his death.                                                                                                                                                                         

Meet your Tour Guide - Tony Cochran


1-2 People.............$120

3 People.................$180

4 People.................$240

Things to do on a private tour:

  1. Sit Back.

  2. Relax.

  3. Ask all the questions you want.

  4. Enjoy yourself.

  5. Make a new friend!

Advantages of a Private Tour:

  1.  Limited to 1-4 individuals.

  2.  You may choose certain sites you would like to see.

  3.  Will be picked up and dropped at a location of your choice and time.

  4.  No set schedule where you must be at a certain time and place.

  5.  Hear the inside stories that you will not hear on public tours.

  6.  Ask all the questions you want. 

  7.  Able to see the attractions and backtrack if needed to see again.

  8.  Go off the “beaten path” and see other famous locations.

  9.  See areas the tour buses cannot go to.

  10. Can stop to stretch your legs or make rest room stops any time if needed.

  11. Longer than your average public tour. 

Possible Same Day Booking!

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