"My husband and I often take a tour when we are traveling to a new city. Although we have been to Nashville, it was 20 years ago, so we decided to take another tour. Tony is a wonderful person with non-stop information about the city, and interesting stories of how the city has changed over the years. My husband and I agree this was the best tour we have been on. Thank you, Tony"

Mark & Karen Bruzbick

Granger, IN

"Fantastic! A tour with Tony is an experience. His true life stories and knowledge of the history and music of Nashville keeps you wanting to hear more. Tony introduced the down-to-earth charitable side of the big names. Thank you Tony for helping make our first trip to Nashville a memorable one. We will highly recommend the L:awman Tour to anyone visiting Nashville. Our best to you."

Cindy & Ray Miller

Walnutport, PA 

"This being our first tour, it was a great experience. It could not have been better! Tony showed us areas and told us

history and events of the many people who have made Nashville Music City. There is nothing like hearing about the legends of the area from someone who knew and knows these people first hand. Thank you Tony for a great experience."

Bryan & Charlene Black

Green Cove Springs, FL

"We enjoyed the stories and sites around Nashville that we would never have seen or heard about on another tour. Tony was a great historian."

Greg, Cheryl & Ruthie Morrow

Walnut Springs, TX

"We took a tour today with Tony. He was very knowledgeable about the music business in Nashville. We highly recommend Tony for a tour of Nashville. His stories are funny and poignant and meant to illustrate the personality of the star. You won't regret it."

Jan & Steve Stiffler

Clearwater, FL

"We so enjoyed the stories that went with the sites. This was the highlight of our trip to Nashville. The pictures are amazing! Thank you so much!"

Mike & Cathie Hren

Mesa, AZ

"The tour of Nashville was amazing. Tony's stories were just as amazing. Would highly recommend this for all ages. From being picked up at our campsite and dropped back again, all of the in-between was enjoyable to see and hear."

Cathy McLean

Social Circle, GA

"Great hometown tour. You made us feel like family. Loved everything"

Connie Lancaster

Surfside Beach, SC

"Nashville was the last stop of a "West" of the Mississippi Trip". My wife and I had been on several other tours on the trip. We had our expectations - driving around and someone simply pointing out the highlights. This is not that boring type of a tour. Tony has so many personal interesting stories. He definitely keeps your attention for the entire time."

Alan P Weir

Fort Myers, FL

"Great tour and informative. We saw many things that we didn't know about. The park with the chimes, Hermitage Hotel, all the music studios, history of the area. Would highly recommend this tour!"

Dale & Pat Wiellstroer

Union, MO

"With only one day to spend in Nashville, we wanted to get a taste of the city. Tony did not disappoint! We learned more in three hours than some residents know. We are anxious now to come back and because of Tony's stories  and excellent tour we know exactly who to prioritize our next visit."

Bruce & Sharon Burr

Woodland, CA

"We had a very enjoyable tour with you. How you can remember all that you do is amazing to us. We learned so many things, so many we can't begin to remember. Thanks for an enjoyable day. If you ever make a tape of your tours, let us know."

Paul & Gloria Kaneski

Duluth, MN

"Tony is a excellent tour guide. His knowledge of the history and stars of Nashville is awesome, very informative and interesting. His stories are great!"

Sharon & Dale Carlson

Escondido, CA

"Well worth the money! A lot of information. Thank you for the photo of Broadway."

Bob & Linda Keller

El Mirage, AZ 

"This is our first time coming to Nashville and we were so happy we took your tour! We felt like we saw things normal tourists don't get to see. The stories you told gave us first-hand accounts and we loved it!"

Daniel & Kelly Seyle

Ravenel, SC

"Wonderful tour! Lots of info on what goes on/went on in Nashville. Enjoyed the historical portion of the tour. Liked the personalized aspect of the tour!!"

Ray & Shelia Gustafson

Naples, FL

"The tour with Tony was awesome. His very knowledgeable about the area and took us places we would never have seen otherwise. His personal stories of interacting with Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash... and others were priceless. His tour was one of the best things we have done in Nashville. He picks you up and drops you off, so you have no stress on his tour. Great job, Tony!"

Michael Lee

Beaver Dam, WI

"Tony is very knowledgeable on the history of Nashville. He was very good driving in the traffic and wan not in a hurry to finish the tour. We would recommend his tour!"

Freddy Clark & Martha Nevil

Williamson, GA

"We've been coming to Nashville, TN for many years. We saw more unique places and more information than ever before. We highly recommend this tour."

Emeric & Cheri Szalay

Walkerton, IN

Mr. Tony - very informative, a wealth of knowledge, showed us through areas that you wouldn't normally see. Thanks for the stops."

Steve & Joyce Burnette

Merico, NC

"It was a great tour. Lots of information. Lots of things we wouldn't have seen or known just being in town for a few days. We recommend for sure! Tony is very personable."

Val & Lee Hemnes

Renton, WY

"Definitely worth your time to see sights through Tony's eyes. He knows the history and the artists who have visited and made Nashville their home. His recommended restaurants were great."

Patricia & Keith Oszuscik

Plymouth, IN

"This was the most awesome tour we have been on. Being an older couple, not having to walk long distances was incredible. Tony was just plum full of information especially on the older stars that we loved."

Robert Parks

Livingston, TX


"Wonderful tour of Nashville area including personal stories, behind the scenes info and more. Highly recommend." 

BJ & Jack Humphries

Full Time RV'ers

"We came to Nashville for the first time. We were pleasantly surprised with the history that Tony told us and his past experiences with the Opry and the stars. He showed us more than we expected. Wonderful tour!"

Charles & Glenda Askins

Lawrenceville, GA

"Fantastic tour. Never been to Nashville and enjoyed Tony's knowledge and stories. Envious of all the people he has met and the great stories he shared. We will be back in the Spring and can't wait to do the tour again."

Larry & Stella Rothhaus

Merrimack, NH

"Hearing all the anecdotes and "tidbits" about the Nashville stars and seeing all the memorials plus the historical information about the State of Tennessee was very interesting and I learned a lot about some of my favorite country and western stars. Thanks for a great tour!"

Harry & Ester Pegg

Franklin, NC

"The tour was fantastic. Tony took plenty of time and numerous stops for pictures. His inside knowledge of Nashville history and many artists made the tour enjoyable. He has many personal stories to share about the performers and Nashville. I'm sure there would have been many sites that we may have missed without this tour. A visit to Nashville would not be complete without a tour with Tony."

Bill & Terry Kench

Ogdensburg, NY

"Tony's knowledge was amazing! Out of the 4 tours we took while in Nashville, Lawman Tours was the best!"

Janet & Joe Vercriyssen

Victor, MT

"This was the most incredible way to see Nashville. The history, life experiences and stories were incredible. More behind the scenes info than any tour we've been on. Someone who was there and met all the stars. Thank you Tony for making out visit to Nashville magical!"

Bonnie & Sean McSharry

Dover, FL

"Loved all the "behind the scenes" stories. Have been telling everyone we met about your tour!"

Scott & Luan Carlson

Big Lake, MN

"We had a great time with Tony! The tour was very diverse from information and stories about the entertainers to the history of Nashville. Most everything Tony talked about was from his own personal experience. If you want to see and learn what Nashville is all about, this is the way to do it. Very personable and reasonable too."

Jeff Butts

Portage, MI

"This was the best money we could have spent. By far, the most relaxing and informative tour we could have ever taken. Tony's personal contact with all the stars and the stories he shared were unbelievable. His relaxed approach made you feel comfortable. He made you feel like you were there experiencing it also. I definitely would recommend Lawman Tours to all our friends."

Rick & Sandy Morris

Greenwood, IN

"We really enjoyed our time with Tony. His experience throughout his life has brought us many interesting facts about Nashville and the music industry. Tony kept us entertained completely. He is also a very nice, kind gentleman. We highly recommend this tour. (P.S. We loved the chocolate cake he recommended!)"

Harley & Jo-Ann Reeder

Livingston, TX

"We had a wonderful tour of Nashville with Tony, seeing things we would never have seen with anybody else. Tony's stories were every interesting - he has led an exciting life in Nashville and is very knowledgeable about the sights he showed us. The tour lasted 4 hour hours which was longer than we thought it would be , but, he didn't charge more. He was very accommodating and would go anyway you wanted to go. Highly recommend this tour."

Janne & Ray Ewing

Strattanville, PA

"My husband and I really debated paying the extra money for this tour (and what a trolley tour would cost). Best decision ever! We saw parts of Nashville most natives don't know about. Tony's stories made past and present country music stars come to life. It was a glorious 5 hours and I will never come to Nashville again without wanting to see it through Tony's eyes and heart.

Josh & Kathy Garrett

Box Elder, SD

"This tour was very informative and showed us a lot of hidden gems and history of Nashville. Tony is very knowledgeable and has many fascinating stories having worked for a number of big names in country music. We really enjoyed the tour!"

Allan & Bev Nienaber

Dodgeville, WI

"It was a true joy to go back to the days of old country music through Tony's eyes and experiences. He was able to share the human aspects of his encounters with the big stars. We enjoyed it so much."

Bob & Julie Dreyer

Andover, MN

"We enjoyed this tour very much. Tony was very knowledgeable and gracious. The tour was a wonderful way to see all the sites and hear a lot of great stories about the Nashville stars and history of this great city."

Terry & Donna Kennedy

LaGrange TX

"You have a wealth of information! It needs to be documented or recorded of put into a book. You gave us a lot of info that you would not hear any where else. It was well worth our money and time to spend it with you. Thank you!"

Carl & Maribelle Lund

Mt Pleasant, IA

"I can't think of a better, more thorough, interesting and personal tour. On my own, there would have been many places I'd overlook and not know the complete history and went to places not on a regular guided tour. Highly recommended!"

Meredith Gillbert

Vacaville, CA

"Our first tour of Nashville. An excellent overview of the city history, as well as music city stars, personal knowledge of celebrities and  sites made it a most enjoyable tour. We'll probably repeat it again next trip. Great personal tour!"

Dr W. M. Poole

Newberry, SC

"It was a great history and education tour that you provided. I truly enjoyed the experience."

Bethann Whilden

Catawissa, PA

"Tony's tour was Great! More than we expected! His knowledge of Nashville and his personal stories of his time with the stars was amazing!"

Paul "Steve" Burns

Sugar Grove, NC